Who we are ?

As a Deepway Cosmetic, we took the first step in the 2016 with discovering a high quality clay (montmorillonite) deposit which is the literally unique in the world. Afterwards, It has been taken second step by the founders of the company regarding with producing dermocosmetic products that based on the R&D studies of a group of academicians. Deepway company has countinously been working hard to produce more innovative products by investing in R&D field


As a deepway family;

We'd like to create a value brand by carrying out production activities in order to make financal contribition to our country where we own the raw material..

Our Innovations

As a deepway family;

Each of the products we've been working on are innovatives . We are trying to bring untested and fail projects into action for the benefit of humanity. We aimed to produce more natural products for stronger days with our determined partners