1.What is the shelf life of your product?

The expiry date is indicated on the product packaging. it can be used for at least 2 years.

2.What are the exact functions of your clay?

The clay cleans any kind of blemishes on your skin, even the deepest layers and allows your skin to be restructured. The clay is also expert on tighten and nourish your skin.

3.What are the benefits of a clay mask?

Calcium Bentonite Clay absorbs and removes positively charged ions (bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and toxins) in the layers of the skin thanks to negative ion charges. Thanks to detox effect, it provides one of the most natural solutions to eliminate all kinds of acne, pimple and blackhead on the skin. Clay also nourishes the skin thanks to the minerals it contains. When applied regularly, it balances the skin tone and protects the moisture balance of the skin by preventing the oily skin on your face which allows you to have a healthy skin.

4.Is it effective against sunburns?

Deepway bentonite clay is expert on alleviate sunburn on the skin.

5.Is it effective against skin blemishes?

When used regularly, it has a clear reducing effect on skin blemishes.

6.Does it have an anti-aging effect?

Calcium Bentonite Clay has an effect of accelerating blood circulation. Thus, it is effective for aging of your skin. It also applies intensive care to your skin.

7. What kind of solution it provides against acne and pimples?

it also prevents the formation of pimples and acnes by destroying them. Refreshes the skin and removes dead cells.

8. How many times a week should a clay mask be applied?

It is recommended to apply once a week if your sensitive skin, and twice a week if you have oily skin.

9. How long should you keep a clay mask on

Let it dry about 15-20 mins. But its requiered to keep wait it less time for sensitive skin ( 10mins ). It will dry more quickly in the air because clay dries much faster in contact with it .

10. İts possible to apply a clay mask everyday?

It is not recommended to do it every day to keep the natural balance of the skin. It is recommended to be applied 1-2 times a week according to the needs of the skin.

11.When to make a clay mask?

It can be done during periods when your skin does not breathe, becomes oily, and blackheads increase. It can also be applied at any time during the day to purify, relax and detox your skin.

12. Is it suitable for all skin types?

There are 4 types of clay masks formulated by enriching with natural oils..

• Normal Skin Types

• Oily and Acne Skin Types

• Dry and Sensitive Skin Types

• Anti Aging

13.What should I do before using a clay mask?

We strongly recommend that you clean your skin with a cleanser

14. What should I do after using a clay mask?

There are natural oils that have a moisturizing effect in the masks prepared for each skin type. There are natural oils that have a moisturizing effect in the masks prepared for each skin type.

Frequently asked questions about shampoo

1.What is the shelf life of your shampoo?

The expiry date is indicated on the product packaging ( for at least 2 years)

2.How many days should it be applied?

It is recommended to use every 2 days.

3. Can it be used with other shampoos?

Its not recommended because you can't get fully benefit from its content

4. How long should the shampoo be kept on the hair while using it?

It is sufficient to wait for 1 minute by scattering the foam to the hair and scalp.

5. How many times should it be used in each wash?

Consumers will satisy with impact of shampoo after one usage. İts recommended to use 2 times for long and bushy hair

6. What is the effect on hair loss?

It is a completely anti-shedding shampoo with the effect of bentonite clay, black garlic oil and almond oil.

7. It is convenient to apply on colored hair too? Do I need to use cream?

It can be used on dyed and any hair type. In fact, there is no need to use cream, as it provides a very soft effect on dyed hair.

8. What is the effect on eczema, crusted and dandruff hair?

It provides blood circulation in the scalp, especially thanks to the bentonite clay it contains. You will get shortly rid of all those types of troubles.

9. Does it make a difference for men and women?

Suitable for men and women of all ages.

10. Where and how are products developed? Is it approved by the Ministry of Health?

It was developed by R&D employees in Deepway Cosmetics Laboratories after several years of work. Each of our products are accredited by Ministry of Health. All necessary analyzes are also available in the website. It has also started to be sold in pharmacies.