As the Deepway Cosmetic Family, İt is essential for us to pay attention to human health. In this context, each of our studies has been carried out through our accreditation laboratories .. Some of our tests has been carried out on abroad, while others are conducted by the most successful companies which are also accredited by the Ministry of Health in Turkey

Yaptırdığımız Testler

Heavy Metal Tests

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Chemical elements with a specific gravity greater than 4 are scientifically called heavy metals. Heavy metals that the body needs in small amounts;<>p Zinc






Heavy metals that the body does not need









Effect of heavy metals

While existence of some metals are essential to keep properly human body functional, some other metals like lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium are causing some fatal diseases. Harmful Heavy Metals are mostly accumulate in tissues and vital organs which leads to many diseases over the years. Some of the negative effects of heavy metals on the human body are listed as follows;

Diseases that cause abnormal foreign proteins to be synthesized in cells.

It becomes difficult for the cell to be purified from toxins.

Cell respiration is disrupted, which causes death by suffocation.

Disrupts nerve communication and conduction.

It paves the way for recurrent diseases such as fungus, parasitic bacterial infection.

Destroys immune cells, reducing their number.

Causes the formation of cysts, glands, nodules, fibroids, masses and lipomas.

causes weight gain or weight loss by being stored in the fat depot

Heavy Metal Test

heavy metal test is requested by the doctor. In case of symptoms. Common metals detected in the blood are lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. Other rare metals are thallium, copper, zinc, aluminum.

The blood sample taken from the arm of the people is examined by the heavy metal testing company, In case of high metal level, it is necessary to remove the metal from the body and reduce it in the blood. Chelation therapy is applied if the heavy metal in the blood decreases. Celation therapy is the name given to the injection of excess metal in the body.

Lead Test

The lead test used in the diagnosis of poisoning in humans is to measure the lead rate in the body. Symptoms accompanying vomiting in lead poisoning include anorexia, apathy, abdominal pain, encephalopathy, irritability, peripheral neuropathy, and anemia.

Among the heavy metals, cadmium is one of the most dangerous toxic substances. The toxic substance that is perceived and accumulated by the body causes liver and kidney disorders and increases the risk of cancer.

Cadmium Test

The cadmium test is used to determine how much people are affected. Nickel, which is taken through food, sometimes occurs as an allergy and shows symptoms such as headache, joint pain, chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases, atopic dermatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and physical and mental weakness.

In this case, an allergic condition is detected by performing a nickel test. LLT-Nickel test is obliged to detect nickel allergy. This test shows cellular allergic sensitization and its sensitivity rate is much higher than critical tests.


Foods with high nickel content are milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, eggs, fish and seafood, confectionery, spreads, cereals and cereal products, beverages, vegetables and fruits. Heavy metals, which directly affect nerve and brain cells, bind to proteins and enzymes in the body and prevent their transmission between muscle and nerve tissues.

Heavy Metal Symptoms

Lack of attention is the most frequent symptom of heavy metal effect. Autism and chronic fatique are two other most common symptoms of heavy metal. Lead enters the body through digestion and respiration, causing abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

The organs most affected by mercury, which directly affects the nervous system and kidney system, are the brain and kidneys. Inhalation of cadmium, which remains in the body for the longest time, causes lung diseases, skeletal system disorders, and cardiovascular system disorders.

Irritation index - Dermatology Tests

For the test, easy and comfortable places such as forearm and back are preferred. When applying the tests, it should be applied to the relatively hairless area.

1- Product is removed from the injected patch protective corner.

2- The test material is adhered to the back area.

3-After the application, the perimeter of the test material is required to be marked and numbered.

4- The perimeter of the test is required to be reassessed every 72 and/or 96 hours.

5- The perimeter of the test is required to be reassessed every 72 and/or 96 hours.

Its not sufficient to be evaluated every 48 hours.Second and/or third evaluations should be made every 72 and/or 96 hours to detect late reactions.

The results are calculated through the data of the tested cosmetic product by the expert dermatologist. The product is classified based on the results data.

Since our products are dermatologically tested, they can be used with peace of mind.

Mikrobiyoloji Testleri
Kozmetik ürünlerde mikrobiyal testler mikroorganizmalar tarafından kontamine olup olmadığını ortaya çıkarmak için yapılır. Kontamine olmuş kozmetik ürünlerdeki mikroorganizmalar, bütünlüğü bozulmuş deriyi infekte edebilirler. Anlık testler farklı tür organizmalarda büyümeyi gösterir. Stabilite testlerinde mikrobiyal testler uygulanır. Ürünlerimiz de mikrobiyolojik testler tamamlanmıştır. Herhangi bir bakteri üretmediği tespit edilmiştir.
Paraben Testleri
Paraben nedir?

Parabenler, kozmetik ürünlerde yaygın olarak kullanılan bir grup kimyasal koruyucudur. Piyasada bulunan nemlendiricilerden, şampuanlardan ve serumlardan kremlere, losyonlara ve diş macunlarına kadar - neredeyse tüm kozmetik ürünlerinde parabenler bulunur. Parabenler üründe bakteri ve küf oluşumunu engeller. Paraben içeren ürünler aylarca hatta yıllarca sürebilir.

Parabenlerin Zararları

Parabenler hem zehirli hem de toksik özellik taşırlar.

Parabenler cildi hassaslaştırabilir, alerjik reaksiyonlara neden olabilir. Deride egzama gibi deri hastalıklarına, tahriş ve alerjik tepkimelere neden olurlar.

Parabenler xenoestrojen olarak kabul edilir. Başka bir deyişle, bu kimyasallar vücudunuzdaki östrojen hormonunu taklit edebilir. Parabenler vücudunuzdaki östrojen reseptörlerini bağlar. Bu östrojenik aktivite meme kanseri gelişimine yol açabilir.

Meme kanserli hastaların meme dokularında da parabenler saptanmıştır. Bir hipotez, üst lateral meme bölgesinde meme kanseri insidansını koltuk altı deodorantı (parabenler içeren) kullanımıyla ilişkilendirir.