Bentonite Clay

As a deepway company, Its essential for us to produce innovative products which are based on R&D studies. All scientific analyzes and other main tests ( heavy metal, bacteria and chemical tests) were carried on our calcium bentonite clay revealed the purity and quality of the clay.

What is calcium bentonite clay?

Calcium bentonite clay is formed over millions of years as a result of natural geological and biological events such as chemical decomposition and alteration of mineral-rich volcanic ash, tuff and lava. It is a fertile substance that naturally exists in nature. its convenient to use in health and food since it is pure nature and not reacted with any chemical substances and compounds. As a matter of fact, in the food additives list prepared by the Codex Alimentarius committee revealed that it has no known side effect. In addition to all these, it is literally unique in terms of absorbing toxic toxins especially when compared to other clay groups. This all has to do with negative ion charge inside the clay. The specified negative ion charge attracts and absorbs/isolates all positively charged harmful pathogens such as heavy metals, toxins, harmful bacteria in the human body. In addition to the properties mentioned, calcium bentonite clay also contains many beneficial minerals for our body. it is known that bentonite clay is rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. Since it has a high alkaline value, it protects the body against radiation and ultraviolet rays. All experts agree that it is a very special substance in terms of its therapeutic properties and positive effects.

What Did We Do As Deepway Cosmetics?

Along with the rapid industrialization, numerous factors such as chemical pesticides containing heavy metals, high levels of radiation and ultraviolet rays we exposed has caused us to lead a unhealthy and poor life. As a matter of fact, social media let us to see clearly that heavy metal poisoning, the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and the harms of various chemicals on human health. As a matter of fact, in recent years, This issue has been main subject of the society whose suffers from heavy metal poisoning, the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and the harms of various chemicals. The concept of healthy products'' has recently been blowed up through the awareness of the societies. This concept leads to changing consumer habits and creates a large economy within itself. People's demands for natural products have increased considerably with this pandemic process. Montmorillonite has continously been appreciated in Europe for the last two decades and recently in our country. They are mostly used as a natural raw material, especially in cosmetics and medicine since they are purely natural and eatible. On the other hand , it is highly demanded for dermocosmetic field due to its effects on the skin. However, due to it takes high technology and costy to reduce clay into nano size cause many firms to avoid use high quantity into cosmetic products. Its scientifically proved that clays with a high content of montmorillonite are highly effective in preventing radiation and ultraviolet rays of the sun due to their high negative ion properties and their ability to attract and absorb pathogens. On this basis , we have managed to use high quantity clay in products has been reduced into nano size with a non-chemical physical method which is unique. User comfort has been taken into account very sensitively in the specified ratio ranges. In particular, negative situations such as not feeling the clay particles in the mouth, leaving a layer on the skin, and not being able to be absorbed by the skin have been eliminated with nano and micron size applications on the clay structure. Based on this result, it was ensured that the users of the product benefit from the effectiveness of calcium bentonite clay at the maximum rate.